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Tax investigations can take place randomly, and being chosen doesn’t necessarily imply that HMRC suspect wrongdoing, but they can be costly and intrusive. ARB Accountants offer tax investigation services in Southend and throughout the UK to help small and medium sized businesses prepare for HMRC audits, helping to ease the burden and stress of an investigation.

Our tax investigation/audit service:

Tax enquiries are at record levels and, in our experience, these investigations can be time consuming and very costly. Costs associated with tax investigations often bear no relation to the final tax settlement and can be very high, even when the taxpayer has done nothing wrong.  

In the event you face investigation, ARB Accountants can represent you and reclaim any costs incurred in dealing with an enquiry directly from Croner Taxwise. Our Tax Investigation Service includes:

Single Issue Disputes

We can help you prepare for, and guide you through, single issue disputes with minimal disruption to your business.

Formal Enquiries

Our experts can help to take the stress away from formal HMRC enquiries, helping you to properly prepare for an investigation and providing support as appropriate.

Special Investigations

We can provide support and advice on special investigations, including liaising with HMRC on your behalf, and ensuring that you only pay what is due.


General support and advice throughout an investigation.

Whether it is a PAYE or VAT visit, a technical enquiry, or full books and records enquiry, our tax investigation service is designed to save you the stress and cost of dealing with HMRC. We have developed our enquiry fee protection service with Croner Taxwise where you will be protected up to £100,000 in relation to HMRC’s enquiry with:

  • Corporation Tax Self-Assessment 
  • Income Tax Self-Assessment 
  • PAYE and P11D
  • Capital Gains Tax 
  • Construction Industry Scheme 
  • Inheritance Tax
  • VAT

Why Choose ARB Accountants?

The likelihood of an HMRC enquiry has continued to increase and HMRC officers are now using new, wider powers to visit premises and inspect financial records. Our team of friendly chartered accountants are here to support your business through the stress of a tax audit. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our clients and you can be assured that we’ll be with you every step of the way to support and advise. Our experienced team will ensure that you reach the end of your enquiry with minimal disruption and stress, and that you only pay what is due.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover more about our Tax Investigation/Audit Services in Southend.

What is included in Tax Investigation services?

At ARB Accountants, we provide a Tax Investigation service to help you prepare for, and navigate the stress of a HMRC tax investigation. Our service includes:

  • Single issue disputes
  • Formal enquiries
  • Special investigations
  • Support    

We have developed our enquiry fee protection service with Croner Taxwise where you will be protected up to £100,000 in relation to HMRC’s enquiry with:

  • Corporation Tax Self-Assessment 
  • Income Tax Self-Assessment 
  • PAYE and P11D
  • Capital Gains Tax 
  • Construction Industry Scheme 
  • Inheritance Tax
  • VAT

What happens during a HMRC tax investigation?

During a HMRC inquiry your business may be subject to a full investigation or an investigation of a specific part of your accounts. During a full enquiry, HMRC usually believe that was an error in the tax return and a review of all records will be undertaken. During an aspect enquiry, HMRC will be concerned with a particular part of your accounts, where they require further information. This is usually the result of a genuine mistake or misunderstanding.

In each case, you would be expected to fully cooperate with HMRC, providing them with the necessary information that they require. You can, however, dispute an investigation if you believe their reasoning to be incorrect.

Our team of experienced accountants will be on hand during a tax investigation and can assist with such communications with HMRC. Book a free consultation to learn more about our Tax Investigation service.

What triggers a HMRC tax investigation?

The most common trigger of HMRC tax investigations is the submission of noticeably incorrect figures on your tax return, or filing your tax return late. However, tax investigations can take place randomly and don’t always imply wrongdoing. Our tax investigation service can help you prepare for an investigation and ensure that your accounts are accurate. Book a free consultation with one of our chartered accountants to learn more.

How much does tax investigation service cost?

Tax investigation services can be included in the annual costs for your company. Book a free consultation appointment to learn more about tax investigation services at ARB accountants.

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