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Bookkeeping for Landlords: How to Maintain Best Practice

If you are a new landlord or simply struggle with the complexities of understanding bookkeeping, you may find it difficult to know how best to record your financial information. Bookkeeping requires strict accuracy and reliability, therefore knowing exactly what is required from your bookkeeping is essential. ARB Accountants are here to explain what bookkeeping best practice for landlords is, including what bookkeeping records a landlord should keep


Climate-Related Financial Disclosures & the IFRS – What’s Changed?

As a small business owner, you may be interested in current changes being made to IFRS standards with regards to climate-related disclosures. Despite only being compulsory for public listed companies, the IFRS regulations can be used by small to medium sized businesses and you may find that there are some benefits to following the new prototype climate-related disclosures. 

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